Human Resources

Staffing for teaching quality and teacher diversity

How does Human Resources matter to equitable teaching and learning?

Human Resources in school district central offices advance equitable teaching and learning when they:

  • Continuously eliminate, streamline, and redesign routine business processes to free school and HR staff time to focus on strategic support for equitable teaching and learning,
  • Ensure teacher recruitment and selection drive equitable teaching and learning, and
  • Partner with principals to strategically staff teacher teams with explicit attention on supporting the retention and success of teachers of color.


Human Resources

Deepen your understanding of Human Resources in Central Office Transformation, and learn how to get started
"Once you see it you can’t unsee it… How much time, effort, and talent we waste with outdated business processes that we have to channel into strategy that supports teacher quality and diversity. DL2 staff are the premier researchers in this area. They help us see what’s possible. As our partner, they work alongside us [and] push us to get better."
Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
Principal Administrator