DL2 generates rigorous, actionable research and partners with school district leaders as they tackle inequities rooted in school systems. We help central office leaders use the latest knowledge to lead the redesign their central offices to support an excellent education for each and every student.

Equity and Central Office Redesign

Across the country we find leaders in central offices deeply committed to students, trying to support their schools, and struggling to navigate central office systems that get in their way. Such systemic roadblocks are especially challenging when it comes to ensuring that students of color, students from low-income families, and students learning English receive an excellent education.

DL2 supports school district central offices to develop the leadership of all staff in service of educational equity for each and every student. We partner with central office leaders to:

  • Access the latest knowledge about what central offices do when they support school improvement at scale
  • Use that knowledge to design new practices and systems across their central office likely to be successful in their settings
  • Research their progress share findings with our partners and the field

We focus on the following main areas of central offices: