District Leadership Design Lab

Annual Survey of Principals and Principal Supervisors

Is your district looking for ways to help its principal supervisors better understand how well they are supporting their principals and how to pinpoint areas for their own growth? Is your district looking for research-based, validated survey instruments to use as part of your district’s end-of-year evaluation of principal supervisors? The District Leadership Design Lab is pleased to release the 2018 edition of the Annual Survey of Principals and the Annual Survey of Principal Supervisors to support you in these efforts–including a new, flexible option for using the surveys.


About the Surveys
These validated surveys help districts understand the performance of their principal supervisors along the research-based DL2 Principal Supervisor Performance Standards as well as the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Model Principal Supervisor Standards.


Using the Surveys

Full-service Option:
DL2 will take care of all aspects of the survey process for your district including: survey set up and administration, data analysis, and creating individual principal supervisor reports.

*New* Self-administration Option:
Districts receive all survey items, administration advice, and a suggested analysis plan so that they can run the surveys themselves or integrate survey items into other district surveys.


Guide for District Leaders

This guide was designed to help school district leaders administer the University of Washington’s District Leadership Design Lab’s (DL2) Annual Survey of Principals (ASP) and Annual Survey of Principal Supervisors (ASPS). DL2 developed and validated these surveys to provide districts with information important to supporting the success of their principal supervisors. The surveys can give principal supervisors formative feedback on their work with school principals—and other district leaders can use the findings to better understand if principal supervisors are receiving necessary supports.

This guide contains:
• Background on the surveys to help you explain their importance to your principals and their supervisors;
• Initial planning steps to ensure high response rates and reliable data;
• Full text of both surveys, including a customizable introductory letter and all survey items and scales;
• A suggested analysis plan.


To learn more about the surveys, please contact our Research Director, Lydia Rainey  (lydiar@uw.edu, 206-616-1118). To initiate a contract for one or both of the surveys, please click here.